About Us

About Apollo.

All of our journeys are calculated via GPS, so you know the price before you travel and there are no surprises at the end. Whether you book by app or online, you can be satisfied knowing your price in advance.

about apollo

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Meet the Directors.

tom veitch apollo

Tom Veitch

Operations Director

bob veitch apollo

Bob Veitch

Managing Director

Apollo Private Hire

Our Philosophy.

Timely Answering

We take care over obtaining correct booking information, so you get to your desired destination quickly and safely.

Call Etiquette

Your experience with Apollo Taxis starts with the phone call. We are friendly, polite and professional. 


Advanced Technology

We use a modern dispatch system that allows us to choose the driver closest to you, lessening your waiting times.

Book online or via our app, the choice is yours.

No matter which method you choose, the results are the same.

We’ve developed both systems to work seamlessly with each other, giving you the freedom of booking however you prefer. Our app gives you the most control over your booking, with features such as being able to track your driver, store your payment methods and much more. Give our app a try today, or book via our online portal.

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