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Prices by GPS, not a meter!

We tell you the price before you travel. There are no surprises at the end.

We take no detours with our pricing.

Book your Taxi with us today!

Very simply, our pricing is based on the shortest route from point A to point B.

The system works the same for both our offices in Maidstone and Ashford

Our vehicles are tracked by GPS, allowing our booking and dispatch system to calculate the shortest route, and to calculate the best possible fare for your journey; none of our vehicles are fitted with the traditional taxi meters used by most other taxi companies.
If you are quoted for a price over the phone, via the web or by app, as long as there is no deviation to the booking, you will be charged that price, regardless of the route taken.
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The only time this will change is if you ask to go via somewhere or go to a different destination. On these occasions our dispatch system will automatically work out the shortest possible route and provide you with a new price, based on this route.
If you do alter your journey, the price may increase or decrease but rest assured our dispatch system will calculate the shortest possible route so you always get charged the lowest fare possible.
Should you ever want to check a price then please head over to our booking page, put in the details of your journey and our dispatch system will give you a price!
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