1. User Data Collection and Handling:

Apollo Private hire ltd collects the following user data:

  • data provided by users – data given in the process of app account


 data created by users in the process of using app services, like

geopositioning, data about app operation and data about user’s device;

  • data gathered from other sources – like business partners, financial services

providers and state authorities.

  1. Data provided by users
  • user profile data, such as: first name, last name, email, mobile number,

physical address, driving license data, user vehicle data, user photos. In

some cases, it is required by the law to provide driver photo;

  • checking documents and verifying driver’s identity might require

checking licenses, photos, user name and last name;

  • some data can be provided when users turn to technical support, this

might include user device information, user app information, recordings

of telephone calls in case of a user calls support, trip data (date and time,

physical addresses, flight information).

  1. Data created by users in the process of using app services
  • Geopositioning data. We track the geoposition of drivers in order to

perform their bookings, provide service levels, provide safety and

identify and prevent any fraudulent activity. Geopositioning is collected

from mobile devices using standard API. In some cases, it is required by

the law, drivers cannot disable geopositioning;

  • App usage data. We gather data on how users interact with our app and

services. This data includes data and time of logging in and logging out,

app functionality, app failures and system data needed to improve app

quality and performance;

  • Device data. We may collect data about the device which is used for

access to our services, such as device model, IP address, GUID, geo data

and connection quality data.

  1. Data collected from other sources
  • This is data from business partners which provide additional services:

apps and web-sites which use our API or which API is used by our app;

  • This is data from business partners, such as travel data, including

information about passengers or drivers;

  • State authorities data.
  1. How Data is Used

Personal user data is used for:

  • service providing;
  • security providing;
  • customer support;
  • research and development;
  • sending non-marketing messages;
  • fulfilling legislation requirements and court orders;
  • business process automation.
  1. Service Providing

Apollo Private hire ltd uses data for proving, personification, support and

improving of its services. Such as:

  • Creating accounts and changing its data;
  • Providing riding service (geopositioning data for service improvement),

data exchange (calculation of arriving time, security providing, routes

calculation, linking to flight information, tracking and sending

information about a ride);

  • Performing operations which are needed in order to improve service and

customer support, testing, analysis and also monitoring of services used;

  1. Security Providing

Apollo Private hire ltd uses data for proving security and protection of users and

also security for our services. This includes:

  • in order to comply with government requirements, we may ask to provide

driver photo and also passing it to passengers;

  • using data from drivers and passengers devices in order to evaluate

journey safety and reminding to subcontractors to make their driving


  • using data from drivers and passengers devices in order to identify and

prevent any fraud activity. For example, we detect fraud accounts and

cases when our services are used for illegal purposes, and prevent

unauthorised access to our users accounts;

  • using rating system for evaluation of driver and passengers in order to

prevent colliding users with potentially high risk of conflict;

  • sending information about serious violations to third parties such as

police authorities – in accordance to legislation requirements.

  1. Client Support

Apollo Private hire ltd uses personal data, application data, systems and devices

in order to provide technical support and improve quality of its services.

  1. Research and Development

Apollo Private hire ltd uses personal data in order to perform testing, research,

analysis, development and improvement of its services. This helps us to make our

services better and more secure and develop new functionality.

  1. Sending Non-Marketing Messages

We can use personal data in order to inform our users about changing of terms and

rules, and also for sending non-marketing messages which are needed to provide


  1. Fulfilling Legislation Requirements and Court orders

We can use personal data in order to settle litigations and court orders associated

with using of Apollo Private hire ltd services, fulfilling law orders, in cases

when data is required by public authorities, including police.

  1. Automation of Business Processes

Apollo Private hire ltd uses personal data for automation of business processes,

such as:

  • finding eligible drivers. Drivers can be found on the basis or availability,

nearest position and other factors, as well as on the basis of statistical

user data;

  • elicitating users who are suspected in fraud activity or any other activity

which may cause harm to Apollo Private hire ltd In cases when users

provide false information or fake license details this may lead to

disabling user account after a specialist performs their checks;

  • using of driver’s data (their geoposition, rating) and passenger’s data

(departure location, rating) in order to eliminate collisions of users with

high risk of conflict.

III. Transfer and Disclosure of User Data

Apollo Private hire ltd performs data transfer to other users or provides data on

demand in cases where it falls under law requirements or when it is required in

order to satisfy claims or settle dispute resolutions. Apollo Private hire ltd can

transfer user data in the following cases:

  1. To Other Users:
  • In order to perform a ride, we may give to a driver: passenger

name, email, telephone, information about pickup location and

destination location;

  • In order to perform a ride we may give to a passenger: driver

name, photo, license number, vehicle brand and model and vehicle

registration number.

  1. To Suppliers and Business Partners:
  • Apollo Private hire ltd may transfer ride details to its partners

via API integrations;

  1. Providing Data Under Legislation Grounds or in Dispute Cases.

Apollo Private hire ltd may disclose personal data in cases when

legislation requires to do so, in court disputes, or when public authorities,

including police, require this.

  1. Cases When Users Allow Sending Data.

Apollo Private hire ltd may send data to third parties in cases that go

beyond this Agreement, if we have informed a user about our intention to

send data and the user have allowed this.

  1. Storage and Extermination of Data

Apollo Private hire ltd stores personal data up to the point where goals of its

processing which are described in this Agreement are met.

Users can any time send a request to delete their account. However Apollo Private hire ltd may store personal data even after performing a user request in order

to meet legislative requirements.

To delete your account, send a request to the info@apollo-taxi.co.uk

  1. Changes in Confidentiality Agreement

Apollo Private hire ltd has a right to make changes to this Confidentiality

Agreement. If changes are significant, we will notify you via <company app> or

in any other available way, for example, by email.

Use of our services after an update constitutes consent to the updated notice to the

extent permitted by law.

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