Here at Apollo we are always striving to improve our service to you our loyal customers. Recently we have been investing in new technology to improve the service from the point of booking to the pricing and the way that you are contacted by our drivers.

We have recently been working hard to update our booking app. We have run into a few snags along the way but we are nearly there! To coincide with this you will now be able to pay at the time of booking via Credit/Debit card. This facility will also be available online via our booking page This can be used as a taxi calculator and is the easiest way to book a taxi Maidstone or surrounding areas.

We are also updating our servers which should make our systems quicker and far more efficient for both our customers and drivers making the whole journey easier for everyone.

Our drivers will also soon have a single number to phone their customers which will redirect to you. This means lower costs for our drivers and no miscalled numbers to you.

We have also updated our software on our pda’s so that the drivers have easier access to addresses and the navigation is much improved and your prices are even more accurate than before. This maintains our stance that if you do exactly the same journey you should pay exactly the same price (bank holidays not included) regardless of the route taken by the driver or any other variables for i.e traffic conditions.

As you can see we are always looking to improve the service we give and are not frightened to make improvements. Most of the changes/improvements we make come from customer feedback so we are always looking for more suggestions from you guys. Please feel free to fill in the feedback form to let us know if there’s anything we can do to make things better. After all you are the people taking the journeys with us, you are the VIP’s


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